1. To get the basics right - i.e. provide you with a thorough psychological assessment and formulation of your problem and how we can treat it

2. Offer you appointments that fit in with your life - i.e. we offer appointments 7 days a week including evenings

3. We will treat you as an individual with unique needs

4. We will work with you as a partner to make your life better and reach your set goals

5. We do this by only employing well trained psychological therapists in CBT/EMDR

6. We will keep your personal information safe and confidential

7. We will provide you with therapy in a professional, modern, comfortable, clean environment

8. You can contact us by email, telephone and we will strive to respond within 12 hours

9. We will not waste your time if we are unable to help you

10. We will listen to you and take you seriously

11. We will gather information from you and others to understand the wider context of your condition

12. We will at all times treat you with respect and dignity

13. We will aim to empower you to take control of your symptoms by equipping you with tools to manage your own health

14. We will provide you with the support and encouragement you need throughout